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Casio Edifice Analog Quartz EF-125D-1AV EF125D-1AV Men’s Watch: A different kind of professional wear

Casio Edifice Analog Quartz EF-125D-1AV EF125D-1AV Men’s WatchFor someone who appreciates the basic watch, the Casio Edifice Analog Quartz EF-125D-1AV EF125D-1AV Men’s Watch is going to prove a welcome companion on his wrist. It’s simple but stylish; built with the kind of quality you find in the entry-level Swiss watches and packed full of everything that earned Casio its goodwill over the years.

The Casio Edifice Analog Quartz EF-125D-1AV EF125D-1AV Men’s Watch has a substantial amount of weight that gets obvious once placed over the wrist. It is the quality and gauge of the material (surgical-grade stainless steel) that bestows upon the watch its weight and the whole construction leads to a sharp styling and tasteful design choice.

The quality of build is evident everywhere you look at the Casio Edifice Analog Quartz EF-125D-1AV EF125D-1AV Men’s Watch. Don it to flaunt a rugged but sophisticated look; its stainless steel construction bringing it a classic appeal and ensuring a tough and durable composure. Undoubtedly, it’s Casio’s trustworthy Japanese technology that does the magic!

Vastly different from the usual Edifice watches that gained immense popularity due of their creative complications, colors and designs; the Casio Edifice Analog Quartz EF-125D-1AV EF125D-1AV Men’s Watch is cool and sporty with a super classy, traditional feel. It reflects a distinct sense of style that doesn’t go the way other Edifices do. It’s an ideal piece to be worn through the workweek and the weekends if you are not venturing the outdoors; the Casio Edifice Analog Quartz EF-125D-1AV EF125D-1AV Men’s Watch is going to take care of all your urban lifestyle needs. For upwardly, mobile men with goals to be in the corporate party straight from the boardroom shall find the Casio Edifice Analog Quartz EF-125D-1AV EF125D-1AV Men’s Watch an aristocratic, sleek choice that exudes a plain yet attractive, sophisticated look.

But oh! The Casio Edifice Analog Quartz EF-125D-1AV EF125D-1AV Men’s Watch definitely outwits and outruns others in its category and even beyond with its 10-year long battery life! An insurance against abrupt stopping and thereby making you land up with a lot of embarrassment, this is one place where Casio Mens Watches reinforced reliability to make things flow smooth as oil. And looking at the price, you are not going to even bother where you want to see the Casio Edifice Analog Quartz EF-125D-1AV EF125D-1AV Men’s Watch ten years down the line!

Bottom line: Just when you thought about giving up hope upon finding a low-budget, plain but substantial watch from a substantial brand, enters the Casio Edifice Tough Solar Men’s Watch! Despite the Edifice mark, this one is south of needless complications yet full of the goodness of Casio. It is a great example of what a brand of primarily chronograph watches can do for the crowd that appreciates a no-nonsense, no-fuss piece with just the basic functions.

Post by Down Under Watches (2018-08-06 03:23)

Tags: Casio Watches Casio Edifice Analog

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Citizen Altichron Eco-Drive Promaster BN4026-09E Mens Watch

Citizen Altichron Eco-Drive Promaster BN4026-09E Mens WatchAnalogue displays come in galore, most of them boasting about performing wonders when duty calls. Want to take it 10,000 metres up above? No problem, for they surely know you won’t be going that high. They claim so to impress you and finally, you end up buying a watch that never gets tested. Vanity rules supreme for the 90% of the population. For the remaining, there’s the Citizen Promaster Altichron Eco-Drive.

No cheap marketing gimmicks here; the International Standard Atmosphere publication from the ICAO (International Civil Aviation Organisation) doesn’t fake. Their comments either make or break a piece of equipment and sturdy comes as a big certification for the high-performance Alti-Chron! It doesn’t deviate from its basic function of time-telling; yet doubles up as an altimeter as long as you stay within 10,000 metres and a depth meter till 300 metres under the sea level.

It was in 2013 that Citizen Watches Online brought out the remake of the actual 1989 Altichron or call that remodelling if you want to. The 24 years of gap produced something exhilarating with lot more tricks up its sleek, but then again, its looks this time were out of this world! The new Altichron showed how a mere tool watch can look cool without shunning any of its duties; the showiness taking it leaps and bounds above putting it just as a professional tool. Enough said! Let’s take a peek into its technicalities now.

The digital sensor makes the compass and altimeter work. Time and date depends on the Discount Citizen Men's Watches motor inside and a power reserve indicator tells you when you need to feed it next. It is a handy feature that lets you know how much charge is left and whether it can do if you leave it sitting around rotating your other watches. At 49.5mm, it is not an everyday office wear, so the power reserve indicator is a sensible addition. However, its titanium case lessens the load to a great deal and to say the truth, it’s the analog format that truly brings out the beauty of Titanium. And Citizen Watches Australia does that without cutting down even a bit of functionality. None can blame it on the grounds of missing even a single count, which means, it’s all about a simple, enjoyable and viewable operating experience, not just some dry reading as you were used to in your college lab.

But take note: The Citizen Altichron is no diver despite its capability to gauge depths. It’s an emergency diver, though; when you have nothing at hand, you may use the Altichron as a substitute. A climber’s watch per se, it gives you more precise increments when you go up the wall. And the best part is: It’s not insanely priced!

Post by Down Under Watches (2015-10-30 04:29)

Tags: Citizen Watches Online Citizen Watches for Mens Discount Citizen Men's Watches Buy Citizen Watches for Mens Citizen Watches Australia

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Seiko 5 200m Automatic Map Meter SKZ231K1 SKZ231K SKZ231 Mens Watch

Seiko 5 Mens WatchThose who have put on the Map Meter watch on their wrists for a while couldn’t get off this big and thick, outstanding field equipment. Obviously, this is not the crowd to whom thickness is an issue.

Right from the first, the Seiko 5 200m Automatic Map Meter SKZ231K1 SKZ231K SKZ231 Mens Watch impresses; it grows into fondness within no time. Those who have worn the Atlas before shall admire it all the more; the Map Meter is actually a much improved Atlas with a bigger case, a nicer polish and a brushed finish way better than the Atlas’ matt finish. The Map Meter also has a two-layered dial which the Atlas didn’t. All of them together make the Map Meter fly out of retail stores whenever new stocks arrive. You got to be prompt if you need to pick one up.

The uniqueness of the Map Meter is it’s a true contender to the ‘Dive’ concept. Just like the Dive watches are meant for the waters, this one is made exclusively for the land. True, you can use its compass for navigational purposes while sailing (it has a water resistance rating of 200m), but its actual feature – the Map Meter - is for measuring distances on the maps when you are hopping terrain. If you are comparing it to a Discount Watches for Mens, don’t. You can’t entrust your life on it amidst the open waters. But on vast stretches of open land, it has no parallel.

The Map Meter’s crowns are guarded by plastic crown guards that are securely fastened with screws to the sides. Why not metal? Reasons are that they help reduce weight, provide extra shock protection, add character to the watch (from a design standpoint) and help to keep the cost down. The caseback is also surrounded by a plastic ring of which, the crown guards are an extension. That’s a one-piece plastic construction offering more rigidity than three separate pieces and ensures a lasting as long as the watch.

The crown is a screw-in and has the 5 logo on it, with a knurled bezel to aid a smooth operation. Unlike Discount watches for Mens Australia, it’s bi-directional and doesn’t click upon rotating.

As for the lume, the lumibrite is gleefully bright on the hands but more subdued on the markers; however, the brightness from the hands makes it up nicely.

So, would you be buying one given an option? You bet; if you are the kind of person who travels by road a lot, have a penchant for the grounds less trodden or in the habit of picking a direction rather than a destination, you won’t believe the ways the Online Discount Watches Australia can save your day!

Post by Down Under Watches (2015-10-20 04:56)

Tags: Seiko Watches for Mens Seiko Watches Australia Seiko Automatic Watches Australia Buy Seiko Watches for Men

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Orient Automatic 100M WR Perpetual Calendar FEU07004UX Mens Watch

Orient Automatic Mens WatchEver had butterflies in your stomach thinking of setting schedules for an absolutely important event that you can’t let go pass? Flipping the pages of a calendar or turning your computer on or using your cell phone takes time; how about a device that brings you all the dates and days at your fingertips? The Orient Automatic 100M WR Perpetual Calendar FEU07004UX Mens Watch does just that and despite its useful features and functions, is an out of the box timepiece that stuns an onlooker right away! Love it, hate it but you can’t ignore it. Ever!

The Orient Watches Online is an instant solution to answering any sort of day and date related questions. Practical down to its deepest core, it’s a watch that does more than just telling time. It’s rather unique that way and if you are asking how many years can it count, know it is set for the next two decades; i.e. 20 years.

True, some might say it has a rather busy dial, but none of it is for show. Apart from that

Fancy yet utilitarian calendar function run by an in-house automatic movement (which is Orient’s patent feature), it sports a sapphire crystal, a screw-down crown and case back, 100 meters of water resistance and lumed hands and indices. Time telling function is just like any other normal Orient Sports Watch, with the seconds-hand sharing the axis of the hour and minute hands.

Now, that’s a standard list of specs and you bet there’s no other watch that comes close to it as far as the looks are concerned. It’s a step above the standard perpetual calendar watches, which lack the ability to pin-point a given day and date on demand. If you are a busy man running by schedules set in advance, you’ll find the Automatic Orient Watches an absolutely essential piece.

Some also might pose the question: Doesn’t that make the movement bit complicated for servicing too? True, but only if you take it to a roadside watch repairer; with Orient service centres, you can stay rest assured they know their stuff.

So, here’s to the vital question – does it make for a good, first time automatic? Orient has this strange reputation of suiting every person from every walk of life who is looking to buy his first automatic and something this exotic is definitely going to prove a damn good choice. True, there are other mechanicals from the brand but they will be either too formal or too bulky for the person shifting from the quartz domain. Besides, it’s a very compelling price to features ratio that anyone shall be comfortable with.


Post by Down Under Watches (2015-10-07 03:24)

Tags: FASHION JEWELLERY Orient Watches Watches

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Nautica Steel Multifunction N10074 Mens Watch

Nautica Mens WatchIt’s been a little more than 20 years that the Nautica clothing company started manufacturing watches that are distinctive in style and unique in design. They blended classic American style to the latest in technical innovation and ever since, quality and precision became the brand’s tradition.

Nautica Steel Multifunction N10074 Mens Watch represents a classic style through superb craftsmanship and makes it a suitable accessory for almost all social and corporate settings with a value that definitely outweighs the money you spend.

There are watches and there are watches with standout styles. The Nautica Steel Multifunction N10074 Mens Watch falls into the second category. It is the kind that introduces a formerly unseen and unmatched style to just any wardrobe and while its definitely not an example of Swiss watch-crafting, it is a timeless, sophisticated piece in its own way.

The Nautica Steel Multifunction N10074 Mens Watch is going to be a favourite for them with a fascination for metal bracelets. It’s all stainless steel, with a stationary bezel with minute markings etched on it. Inside is a Japanese quartz movement with day, date and a 24-hour time indicator. It’s understood that you are not a perpetual cave dweller but it comes handy when you are setting the date. Overall, all that make for a stylish, classic and contemporary design, for which you do not have to mortgage your soul. Nautica showcases its mastery in the fine art of watchmaking through the Mens Watches Australia.

The primary aspect that makes the Nautica Steel Multifunction N10074 Mens Watch a favourite among the masses is it is low on maintenance while with a proven track record of efficiency and longevity. Its oversized, stainless steel case features a bold design, which is a much sought after aspect in the world of fashionable watches today. To match, there’s a silver-toned dial; its large size adding to its readability. Topping it is a mineral crystal glass that ensures maximum scratch resistance. All that result in preserving its good looks even after years of the purchase.

The Online Watches Australia is elegant enough for the social events and sophisticated enough to double up as a corporate wear. Even if you are planning to head the pool party straight from the office on a Friday, its high-grade of water resistance shall keep you worry free while you dip in the pool, drool, play water sports or even go snorkelling.

It is useful, stylish; inexpensive and looks good; do you need anything else to put down as a criterion for choice? The Men’s Watches Australia has them all; keep your other expensive watches within the box and wear this one without the fear of damage.


Post by Down Under Watches (2015-09-25 03:52)

Tags: Nautica Watches for Mens Discount Nautica Men's Watches Nautica Watches Online Nautica Mens Watch Buy Nautica Watches Nautica Watches Australia Discount Watch Store Australia

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Casio Edifice Chronograph EF-500D-7AV Mens Watch

Casio Edifice Chronograph Mens WatchThe EF-500D-7AV is a step above from plain Edifice chronographs that were introduced to the market at their initial phases. This time, they featured the date display with the chronograph and in a way that didn’t interfere with – rather enhanced - the overall sporty design. It’s all because of the high contrast white and blue. A peppy combo, that is; it brings an excellent first impression that suits all the more its overall size.

Those who avoid large watches fearing the heft may opt for the Casio Edifice Chronograph EF-500D-7AV without any doubt. Despite the fairly large size, it’s light-weight, to the extent it will amaze you how such high-quality material can result in so less weight? It pleases immediately and then, your view shifts to the thin bezel. This is the secret behind the large look; thin bezels always create an illusion of largeness. It also turns the tachymeter prominent and adds to the viewing pleasure.

The bracelet exhibits a satin finish and is strung together with highly polished links that are way south of appearing glitzy or tacky. It’s the shine resembling that of the heavy slabs of metal, which they are and adds a great deal to the Discount Watches Australia visual appeal, so much, it makes the Edifice EF-500D-7AV an outstanding one among the watches that sit in the same price range.

Ideal for fun times and as a Friday and weekend accessory, but it can also be a daily wear if you are not working inside a too-formal setting. It sits well with Power Dressing concepts and if you are in show-biz or have sports as your profession, then look no further! Hardly you will get another piece that will withstand the pressure and burden each of these professions bring and smile on, later to tell the stories.

The biggest advantage is, nowadays, a Online Watch Store Australia is not just for the lab or the sports arena but it fits in to almost every part of life, especially, for the time-bound. When you need to check performance of your crew and measure everyone’s prowess against each other, a chronograph can do wonders. Or maybe in the party, where you stand the timekeeper for the beer-guzzling competition and need to find out who downed the fastest! It’s a tool that fits into almost every game, not just the professional competition arena.

The Casio Edifice Chronograph EF-500D-7AV And Discount Casio Watches Australia brings you a good value for the money. The details and the finish, the durability or the performance – it excels in all. The logo-stamped crown is a heavy piece of metal and so are the pushers; altogether, they bring a sense of elegance in the basics. And these are the areas where the watch outshines the rest!

Post by Down Under Watches (2015-09-15 02:58)

Tags: Casio Edifice Watch Online Casio Edifice Watches Discount Casio Edifice Watches Buy Tissot Watches Casio Edifice Watches for Sale Buy Casio Edifice Watches Online

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Tissot Couturier Quartz GMT T035.439.16.051.00 Mens Watch

Discount Tissot WatchesThe Tissot Couturier scores for its understated elegance but becomes a formidable timepiece since it commands attention with its subdued appearance. It is noticeable across the banquet hall, amidst an ocean of other dark-faced watches in stainless steel and black leather straps. It stands out but never seems out of place!

Contemporary fashion trends found a lot of inspirations from the designs long past and a remarkable example of the same is the Tissot Couturier. It’s stylish because of its dedication to the precise accordance with details that do not follow the general route. With the T035.439.16.051.00, GMT functionality gives the Tissot Couturier a new turn on its appearance. While not particularly suited for combat aviation experts on their flight, pilots flying the passenger airlines are going to find it a spectacular piece that just blends with their uniform. Or in that case, anyone who has to travel distances a lot. The 24-hour GMT format is a great aid to scheduling offshore businesses! Wearing it too; for the uncompromising attention to its details!

The catchiest part of the Buy Tissot Watches is its blend of elegant lines in matching materials, the way the perfect cut goes into the perfect fabrics. This imparts the coolness to a classic design, making it an appealing piece to a mass with varied tastes. The dark-toned dial makes it a top-of-the-line accessory by the Swiss; it is handsome and devoid of even minor misgivings and design quirks! End result is: You do not hear that “buy me” scream. Pair it with your wrist and you’ll feel a natural urge to go for it. That’s the power of the made-to-measure character, which promises to outlive any of the fashion whims. The expression truly timeless now receives its form! See it in the light and its raised markings shall seem very 3D, but in a more subtle way than stark, amongst the concentric circles forming the background texture.

For easy manipulations, Tissot decided to add a solid crown to the Tissot Watches for Sale; so are the buttons, which are also very ergonomic in their shape and nifty. In short, it is a truly beautiful watch that’s classy, appealing yet with subtle differences that put it apart from the same league of watches.

To round up, seeing the Buy Tissot Watches Online holistically is going to bring out its real beauty all the more; It's the totality of the individual components and their designs that shall catch your eyes and trigger your imaginations. A beautifully finished product, you are bound to feel a functional piece of art is never this utilitarian, neither so affordable. It is here to fuel the passion for all things classic and make us willingly open the inner eyes to admire beauty time and again!


Post by Down Under Watches (2015-09-04 03:07)

Tags: Mens Tissot Watch Online Tissot Watches Discount Tissot Watches Buy Tissot Watches Tissot Watches for Sale Buy Tissot Watches Online

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Seiko Astron High-Intensity Titanium SBXA003/SAST003 Watch

Seiko Astron High-Intensity Titanium SBXA003/SAST003 WatchThe single aspect that makes the Seiko Astron win over the rest in the watch domain is it understands the time zones. That’s correct, travel anywhere in the world and you are freed from the burden of setting the time manually; you don’t even need to push buttons! The GPS connectivity ends your search for totally precise time.

It is an authentic, low-energy-consumption technology that runs the internal GPS signal receiver (underneath the bezel) and patented under Seiko’s own name. The GPS signals help identifying time zones and the time and date are set according to this new-age timekeeping technology. Seems it’s the most intelligent watch till date. It’s solar powered, has a perpetual calendar and it drips innovation from its every detail!

The high-intensity Titanium version is one among the 2,500 limited edition pieces; these also come with ceramic bezels. Launched in commemoration of the first Seiko Astron, this time it comes lighter and stronger than all its previous versions; the stainless steel strap not being able to affect it greatly.

The Seiko 5 Automatic sports a dual time sub-dial; it also sports an in-flight mode indicator and is topped with a sapphire crystal that has a Super-Clear Coating to cut down reflection by 99%. Those who are wondering what an in-flight mode indicator might mean are asked to hold a little patience; we’ll cover it in due time. Let’s focus on the aesthetics for the time being.

The Astron – to say the least – comprises an elegant dial with high legibility, a much required feature considering the rich amount of information it displays. The availability of the GPS signals or a lack of it is one of them; it displays - at the push of the button at 10 o’clock position - whether the watch received a GPS signal and the number of satellites the signal came from. Apart from that, you can also see if the Daylight Saving Time is on or not. It is innovation, complete with refinement and symbolized by everything that is Seiko!

The biggest plus point of the Seiko 5 SNK299K1 is despite its sharp looks, it looks very subtle, which grants it an access as much to stiff-upper-lip situations as wild party nights.

The power system of the Seiko Automatic Watches Australia is bit different from the rest of the solar-powered watches. The integrated circuit is designed to protect the battery by utilizing a back-up, so that varying intensities of the light do not interrupt a consistent flow of charge. This increases the battery life excellently.

Now, to the in-flight mode indicator. It simply denotes that the GPS reception is turned off, which usually occurs when you are in a flight. It comes handy when time-zone is adjusted manually.

At the end, it is a great deal of joy wearing this intelligent watch also because it is also zero on maintenance.

Post by Down Under Watches (2015-08-26 03:26)

Tags: Seiko Watch Seiko Automatic Watches Australia Seiko Watches Australia Buy Seiko Watches Seiko Watches for Mens

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Citizen Chronograph Quartz AN3420-51A Mens Watch

Citizen Chronograph Quartz AN3420-51A Mens WatchWatch newbies often get perplexed on what should fit in as their ideal purchase and advices come galore, which at times, perplexes the person all the more. The most common mistake newbies fall for are going for cheap, little-known brands that have little-to-no credibility. They also miss out on the part of after sales services; if looks alone could make the world turn, it would be a new Universe we’d be staying in.

So it’s always better to stick with esteemed watch makers who are familiar names with the watch connoisseurs and offer a vast range at varied price range without compromising even a bit on the quality. With them, you do not need any further guidance toward your first watch purchase.

One of those brands is Citizen Watches for Mens and they always have something spectacular within a given (should we say shoestring?) budget. Yes, even with complications, they work out way more inexpensive than large names which could either be Swiss or a large fashion brand.

For example, the Online Watch Store Australia. To newbies, multi-dials are always attractive choices and chronographs are always a hot favourite. But it’s also true that chronographs from large brands come expensive and from obscure ones, are dicey. With Citizen, you come clear off both! Certainly, it’s not ‘the perfect’ watch but surely the perfect one for first timers seeking a sense of grandeur in everyday life. That’s to say, its grandiose doesn’t pose a bar in its becoming a daily beater watch; moreover, it is also a piece you can wear at places you visit for usual merriment and not so usual ones. This one watch suffices for all!

For those whom solid metal rules the roost, they’ll be surprised at how inexpensive this 316L grade stainless steel watch comes for. Apart from the watch case, the bracelet links are also made out of solid metal pieces and not folded, hollow metal that many of the higher-priced watches from different other brands come with.

Now, one question you might pose that while Citizen is famous for their Eco-Drive mechanism, why should one settle for their battery operated quartz function? The reason is simple; it manages to keep the cost down, a primary objective of the first time watch buyers. It’s the same quality, durability and reliability of the Citizen Perpetual Calendar but it runs on a battery instead of solar power. And the battery is a long-life one; even with heavy chronograph usage, it’s going to last at least for few years (2 to 4) before it’s time for replacement. But then again, by that time, chances are you’ll want a new watch to wear and the price of the AN3420-51A is going to allow you happily to shun it (i.e. if you want) and go for a more complicated, higher priced one, preferably from the same brand.

Post by Down Under Watches (2015-08-07 03:46)

Tags: Citizen Perpetual Calendar Citizen Eco Drive Citizen Watches Online Citizen Chronograph Mens Watch

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